ᐅ Zjiang ZJ-9200 Printer Electronics Side Single

Preis: 118.67 78.04

Main Features:

Electronic side single printer

Electronic delivery side single, self-adhesive label, two-dimensional codes, bar codes

Express supports a variety of sizes, built-size template

Different types of labels can be printed paper, printing clear express surface by electronic shelf label, the label clothing, jewelry labels, colored labels

Two kinds of single-side printing mode: Support for external box holder, can print two different types of folding means (110mm maximum paper width of the slot) and the package (maximum diameter 135mm) tab

A one second, high-speed printing at speeds up to 160mm / s, can be high-volume printing

Automatic test paper, more accurate positioning, dual media sensor quickly locate test paper, to ensure accurate printing position

Stable performance, clear print, import thermal print head chip, stable and low noise

Print Resolution: 203dpi print head life: 50km

Multiple connectivity, compatible with multiple system supports Bluetooth, wifi, computer usb three connections

No position paper design, free ribbons, thermal printing ribbon-free, no supplies, paper loading and print

Carrying cutter, tear neat

Preis: 118.67 78.04

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