ᐅ Zhenmi Sugar Reducing Rice Cooker 3L Smart Healthy Home Rice Cooker Sugar-Free Rice Cooker With Healthy Ingredients Cooks Healthier Foods

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Basic Parameters

Product name: Zhenmi Sugar Reducing Home Rice 3L

Product model: X2

Rated capacity: 3L

Rated power: 901W

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Net weight: 5.2kg

Packing specification: 375 × 295 × 325mm

Product List

Rice cooker 1, sugar filter 1, liner 1, standable rice spoon 1, soup spoon 1, power cord 1, measuring cup 1, instruction manual 1

Cooks Healthier Foods, Automatically

Remove excess Rapidly Digestible Starch (RDS) from Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Potatoes, and more.

Rice, potatoes, pastas, and noodles need not be unhealthy and could be nutritious if something was done to reduce the excess, unhealthy sugar and carbohydrates from cooking.

Effortlessly Healthy Meals:

Lab test results show a 44% reduction of the glycemic loads in starchy foods to levels suitable for a diabetic diet and prevention of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease simply cooking with Zhenmi.

Zhenmi Rice Cooker with Healthy Ingredients

Maintains Nutrients with Zhenmi

Unlike conventional cookers, Zhenmi cooks rice thoroughly but does not reach boiling temperature which allows harmful starches to dissolve while retaining vital nutrients.

Feel Fuller for Longer with Zhenmi

Not all carbohydrates are created equal, with Zhenmi retaining the slowly digestible starches (SDS) which eliminate full feeling sugar spikes and hungry feeling dips.

Preset different types of grains of rice and personalize your cooking to how soft or moist you prefer, and then save your favorites to memory.

Smart Cooking

The electric rice cooker changed how we cooked but that convenience also impacted our food and health.

Conveniently Healthy Cooking:

To be digestible rice has to be cooked, but when cooked in conventional rice cookers, rice becomes sugar and quickly spikes circulating blood sugar within half an hour, almost as fast as candy.

Common problem

-Is rice soup drinkable?

Zhenmi X2 rice soup box uses food contact materials, rice soup can be selected according to personal preference.

-The size of the inner container?

The inner tank capacity is 3L, which can meet the needs of 1-6 families.

-How to use the appointment function?

Support 2-12 hours appointment cooking appointment, the default is 6H, plus 10min every time you touch the appointment button, set the time to select the start button to cook.

-How long does it take to cook?

The time for different functions is different. Desalted rice is 22 minutes, mixed grain rice is 43 minutes, and nutrition steaming is 30 minutes.

-What is the use of the steam wash function?

The steam wash function will sterilize the inner tank and the retort for 10 minutes with high temperature steam, and baby bottles and other items can be put together for sterilization.

-How to use the insulation function?

After cooking, it will automatically enter the 6-hour holding mode without manual operation. In addition, you can manually select the „insulation“ function to reheat the food.

-How to clean?

The non-stick material of Japanese Daikin is preferred. It is easy to clean after flushing with water. Under special circumstances, there may be very few parts of the steam hole that are left behind.Please use the cleaning brush to clean.

-How to make a good bowl of rice?

Desalted rice confectioned rice: add rice to the sugar retort, add the rice with water level less than 1 cm, select the unsweetened rice function, and cook for 22 minutes.

Nutritional steaming: Place the dishes in the sugar retort. The water level should be lower than Langtang when steaming the dishes. Select the nutritional steaming function and cook for 30 minutes.

Cooking porridge: The porridge function needs to be taken out of the sugar filter and cooked directly in the liner. Select the porridge function and cook for 50 minutes.

Preis: 322.49 257.99

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