ᐅ YUNMAI LED Wrist Ball Super Gyroscope powerball self-starting Gyro arm force trainer Muscle Relax Gym Fitness Equipment

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Main Features High-quality Material | Stylish Look | Good Toys | Multi-function Use

• Multifunctional design can be used in office, gym or home, and also can be a good pressure reducer as well as a good toy and arm muscle exercising
• Smart gravity sensor can be used to feel the centrifugal force and to strengthen your limbs coordination or rehabilitation training
• Simple operation can be powered on quickly by rotating your wrist to make fast speed
• Compact size can be put in your bags to do outdoor activities
• High-quality zinc alloy and plastic materials, durable and non-toxic
• Stylish look with a quiet sound can be a great gift

Item Type: Wrist Ball
Model: YMGB-Z701
Size: 70 x 70 x 55mm
Weight: 270g
Material: Polycarbonate, Zinc Alloy

It is forbidden to use any part of the body to stop the high-speed rotation of the ball, it is recommended to use clothing or let the ball naturally stop.
We provide 1 Month warranty for the product after delivery Specification
Wrist ball
Model Number
YUNMAI Wrist Ball YMGB-Z701
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Preis: 20.75 14.53