ᐅ Yeelight YLTS04YL Color Temperature Spotlight M2 with MESH Gateway

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Main Features:

Weave your own little world with lights

Home is the harbor where we stop, turn on the lights when we go home, and see the familiar study, corridor, TV background wall, and even a picture on the wall, which will let you unload the tiredness of the day and throw yourself into the embrace of home, Yeelight color temperature downlight / spotlight M2, using Bluetooth Mesh technology, fast and intelligent interconnection, adjustable color temperature and brightness, between cold and warm, between light and dark, illuminate your home.

The light source is hidden deep, showing uniform and good light

The light source adopts a deep-hidden design, and the light can not be seen in the visual range. At the same time, it is reasonably designed according to ergonomics. The shading angle is 32° and the beam angle is 24° to ensure that the light source is sufficient to effectively prevent glare.

Plating secondary reflector cup

The reflection direction is clear, the light is not dazzling

There are two forms of glare, one is glare caused by direct light source, and the other is reflected glare. The light source is hidden to solve the problem of direct glare. The design of electroplated reflector cups makes the reflection direction clear and avoids stray reflected light. Reflected glare.


The dual anti-glare structure design optimizes the light-borrowing angle, and the product’s anti-glare index reaches below UGR13, so you will not feel eye discomfort after long-term use.

TIR lens design, more uniform light mixing

Say goodbye to the previous generation of multi-lens design, using TIR lens technology to refract all the light emitted by the lamp beads in one lens. The beam angle is 24°, and the wall-washing light shape is better.

Exquisite workmanship, real materials can be seen

Imported CSP lamp beads are used, with smaller volume and stronger heat dissipation; metal face ring design, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, long-lasting; high-quality spring, not easy to fall off, safe to use.

Color temperature and brightness adjustable

Warm light, clear and cold light, unrestricted atmosphere

Supports stepless adjustment of color temperature and brightness, whether it is collection cabinets, display paintings, study rooms, stairs, corridors, background walls, you can find exclusive color temperature and brightness.

Support Atom Technology

Turn off the lights at will, smart and not offline

Atom SLISAON technology is a forward-looking innovation initiated by Yeelight to ensure that the smart lights are always online. It does not change the interaction habits of the original wall switch, and basically does not increase the cost of the original switch system. It combines hardware circuits and software algorithms on the lamps. , After the wall switch turns off the light, the smart light is still online, and smart operations such as voice control, automation, and remote control can still be achieved.

Batch control without delay, smart lighting is so simple

Bluetooth Mesh technology is based on many-to-many network topology. Each light is equivalent to a „broadcast station“. It forwards and transmits information without affecting the bandwidth of the router. It automatically discovers devices, quickly connects in batches, and has ultra-low power consumption, allowing you to connect An unprecedented experience in quantity and batch control.

Multiple gateway support, easy to use experience

It needs to be used with a gateway. The gateway assists the Bluetooth Mesh device to access the network to achieve convenient and intelligent control. Used with Yeelight Gateway (Mesh) version, it can also be connected to Apple HomeKit.

Lower standby power, worry-free and energy-saving

The standby power of the Bluetooth Mesh module is as low as 0.5W, which is more worry-free and also saves electricity in daily use.


Product name: Yeelight Color Temperature Downlight M2

Product model: YLTS02YL

Hole size: 70-80mm

Beam angle: 70°

Rated input: 220V~50Hz

Power: 5W

Luminous flux: 350lm

Color temperature range: 2700K-6500K

Color rendering index: Ra80

Product name: Yeelight Color Temperature Spotlight M2

Product model: YLTS04YL

Hole size: 70-80mm

Beam angle: 24°

Rated input: 220V~50Hz

Power: 5W

Luminous flux: 300lm

Color temperature range: 2700K-6500K

Color rendering index: Ra80


1. This product needs to work with Mesh gateway or other smart devices to achieve remote control. Such as: For Yeelight mesh gateway; For Xiaomi Xiaoai smart clock; For Xiaomi mijia multifunctional or multimode gateway; For Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker; For Redmi Xiaoai speaker play; For Yeelight voice assistant, etc.

2. If you want to connect the lamp with for Apple HomeKit, you have to connect with Yeelight mesh gateway first.

Preis: 21.47 16.33

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