ᐅ Yeelight Square Plug-in Night Light

Preis: 6.2 4.29

Main Features

● Yeelight plug-in night light, plug and play, it automatically lights up in the dark, convenient and intimate

● Built-in light sensor, light sensing, smart recognition, night and night, automatic lighting in dark environment

● Soft light effect, 2500K color temperature light is soft and not glare

● Ultra-low energy consumption, energy-saving, only 4kWh a year

● No need to replace the battery, humanized plug-in type, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging or battery replacement

● Simple and generous, simple and versatile


– Product color temperature: 2500K + / – 300K

– Working temperature: – 10 – 40 Deg.C

– Working humidity: 0 -85 percent RH

– Rated power: 0.4W

– Input voltage: AC220V

– Scope of application: 20cm or more without obstruction

– Suitable for: bedroom, hallway, stairs, baby room

– Two switch modes: smart sensor / manual

Preis: 6.2 4.29

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