ᐅ Xiaowan Smart Pet Feeder Durable Dog Bowls Automatic WIFI Pet Food Feeder Smart Feeder Pet Pots for Pets With Mi Home APP

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>>>It is Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Brand,Do Not Have Any Xiaomi Logo Or Mi Logo On It, Thanks For Your Kindly Understanding.

>>>The original plug is US plug, please know, thanks.

– If the emergency power supply system is effective, dry batteries need to be installed in advance, and spare dry batteries must be purchased by yourself. Only alkaline dry batteries are supported. For specific operations, please refer to the instruction manual.

– The voice control function of Xiaoai needs to be implemented with smart voice equipment such as Xiaoai speakers, and related equipment needs to be purchased separately.

-Food contact level is tested by China Southern Inspection Co., Ltd., report number: SET2019-15157.

– The test data is calculated based on a 5kg adult cat (or 10kg small dog) eating about 80g (120g) of dry food a day. In actual use, there may be errors due to changes in the objective environment, the type of dry food, or the type of pet, age, health, and behavior.

– Suitable for adult dog breeds with shoulder height below 40cm. It is recommended to replace the drying box once a month.

– The data involved in this page is from Xiaowan Lab unless otherwise specified. Due to different objective environments, the test data may be biased or different.

Product parameters

Product name: small intelligent pet feeder

Product color: white

Rated power: 5.9w

Product capacity: 3.6L

Main material: HPS (body)

PP (grain storage barrel)

304 stainless steel (stainless steel bowl)

Product model: XWPFO1MG

Input parameter: 5.9v = 1.0A

Product size: 387×311 × 180mm

Power cord length: 1.5m

Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005

Packing list:

Host X 1

Food bowl X 1

Dry box X 1

Power cord X 1

Preis: 143.62 100.53

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