ᐅ Xiaomi Mijia Suite 5-in-1 Smart Home Security Suite

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Main Features Multi-function gateway remote control
Online broadcast: built-in speaker, support online broadcast, stop syncing and turn on wake-up function when you are asleep
Night light: built-in light sensor, 16 million interchangeable color lights turned on in low light conditions
Custom ringtones: Custom ringtones. Sign in to the app and download your favorite songs on the bridge
Connect to the body sensor: When someone passes, the light will automatically turn on
Connect to the door sensor: turn on the lights and ringtones when you open the door
Connect with an IP camera: Provides a warning and video view when someone is at your home

Window door sensor
Open the door: your lights and rings
Push the door: the light is automatically turned on
Stay away from home mode: If someone breaks in, the ringtone will call back and shoot the video
Smart sensor: open the window to let fresh air enter the room
Small size and easy to install
Built-in CR2032 battery for 2 years
Note: This item must match the Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway to use

Smart wireless switch
The key to control: make breakfast in the kitchen, press the switch, ask the child to get out of bed
Before going to bed: a button to turn off all devices
Wake up at night: turn on the button for the night light
At the exit: a key to controlling home appliances
Portable, small, easy to install
Note: This item must match the Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway to use

Human body sensor
Timer function: If there is no one within the set time, it will automatically turn off the air conditioner and TV
Smart sensor: When someone passes, the night light will automatically turn on
Night light function: it will automatically turn on when someone passes
Notification feature: You may be told when your beloved pet faints
Powered by CR1632 button battery (included)
Different placement and installation methods
Suitable for all kinds of home environments
Note: This item must match the Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway to use

Size and weight:
Product weight: 0.23 kg
Delivery weight: 0.6 kg
Package size (length x width x height): 23.00×17.00×7.00 cm / 9.06×6.69×2.76 inches

Package Contents:
1 gateway remote control puttygen ,
1 x version of the Zigbee version,
1 wireless switch,
1 personal body sensor,
1 door and window sensor Specification View More

Preis: 97.13 58.27