ᐅ Xiaomi ClearGrass Bluetooth Wifi Gateway Hub Smart Home Work With Mijia Bluetooth Sub-device

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Main Features ● Make smart door locks more safer&convenient
With the Qingping Bluetooth Gateway, you can receive the unlock notification of the smart lock by the Mijia APP Remotely,viewing the unlockRecord security events, checking remaining power, and setting
After opening the lock, then switch the living room light, set and unlock the Xiao Ai speaker broadcast Report „welcome home“ and other linkage strategies.

● Mijia Bluetooth Gateway Good partner of the sub-device
Qingping Bluetooth Gateway supports all Mijia Bluetooth Gateways device.Add them to the same meter account, only To be within the Bluetooth signal transmission range, it will automatically connect, which in turn allows you to remotely from the Mijia mobile app View status, historical data, or Event notifications, settings, and intelligence of other devices Linkage and other operations.

Qingping Bluetooth Gateway must be properly plugged into the power supply, and with smart lock added to the same Mi home APP account, and both are in bluetooth transmission distance range.

Qingping Bluetooth Gateway must be properly plugged into the power supply, and with a Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer,
Air conditioners and other equipment are added to the same Mijia APP account.

Model: CGSPR1
Product Size: 62.16 x 42 x 31.5mm
Product Weight: 46g
Operating temperature: -10C~40’C
Working humidity: 0%~90%RH, no condensation
CMIIT ID: 2019DP6512
power input: 100-240V-, 50/60Hz, 0.2A
Bluetooth 4.2, Wireless connections
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.1 1b/g/n 2.4GHz Specification View More

Preis: 33 16.64