ᐅ WANHAO BOXMAN-1 CURING BOX used for DLP RESIN 3D PRINTER short curing time and good result

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The WANHAO UV CURING Box is a revolutionary UV light box, suitable for post-curing 3D printing materials.

The new WANHAO B1 is equipped with 4 UV LED sources and mirrors strategically placed inside the box. This ensures that a product is illuminated from all sides, which results in a quick and uniform curing cycle. The spacious interior (32L*20W*20H cm) allows you to easily cure multiple products at once. In addition, the box has enough space to place an articulator inside. If necessary, the UV light source can be changed easily. The new WANHAO B1 allows you to post-cure WANHAO 3D materials. Post-curing is required in order to obtain the final material properties. After the printing process the printed material is not yet fully cured and should be treated.

First, the material needs to be cleaned in an alcohol bath followed by the post-curing cycle. Post-curing is an UV light treatment to ensure that WANHAO standard and water washable materials obtain full polymer conversion, through this the residual monomer is reduced to a minimum and the highest mechanical properties are obtained. This procedure is a necessary step to produce a biocompatible end-product. Always follow the instructions for use relevant to the corresponding material.

Technical Specifications

A1. The WANHAO Experience

This User manual is designed to help you start your experience with WANHAO UV LED Curing box.Within these pages ,we want to show you how simple and easy it is to cure the prints

A2. Specification of the WANHAO UV LED Curing box

Brand Name : WANHAO UV led curing box

Light source : 4 UV LED array module

Power(W): 120W

Voltage: 110V/ 220V switchable

Net Weight: 14.5KG

Wavelength: 405nm

Dimension(L*W*H): 43*30*35cm

Curing Area(L*W*H): 32*20*20cm

Touch LCD screen(L*W): 57.6*43.2mm

Fan size (L*W*H): 85*85*10mm

Certification: CE,FCC

Usage: Curing print model

Perspective screen (L*W): 15*6cm

UV Led warranty: 2000hours decay 30%; 5000hours decay 50%;

Typical application: Hobbyist , dental, jewelry


• Read and follow all instructions.

• Follow all safety rules in this section and heed all cautions and warnings in this guide.

• Do not attempt to open the chamber door while a part job is running.

• Do not use any material without first reviewing its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

• Dress power cable at back of UV chamber to prevent tripping.

• Do not attempt to access, service, or adjust the internal machine components.

• Do not use this equipment in a manner that is not specified by the manufacturer


• Do not use any resins without reviewing the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

• Wearing contact lenses when working with resins is not recommended.

• Always wear chemical-resistant gloves whenever handling partially cured parts. Recommended gloves are 100% Nitrile. Do not wear latex gloves.

• Always work in a well ventilated area when using resins. Avoid breathing vapors.

• Avoid getting resin on your skin. If you get resin on your skin, first rinse all of the resin off the area with cold water only. After thoroughly rinsing your skin, wash the area with soap and COLD water. DO NOT USE HOT WATER OR SOLVENTS to clean your skin as it will result in absorption through the skin.


WARNING: Turn off the UV lamp before opening the light box! Ultraviolet light is a form of electromagnetic radiation and can be harmful if exposure exceeds recommended levels. Protect eyes and skin from direct exposure to UV light. All equipment or areas where UV light is used must be adequately guarded, shielded, and interlocked to prevent accidental exposure.

WARNING: UV curing systems generally run at extremely high temperatures. Follow these guidelines to avoid equipment damage or personal injury:

• Make sure the light box is connected to an exhaust system and that the exhaust system is operating whenever the lamphead is running.

• Make sure the light box safety latch is secured while the lamphead is operating.

• Avoid touching the light box while the lamphead is operating.

• Always shut off the lamphead and allow the light box to cool before performing any adjustments or repairs.

• Always use the lid handle to open the light box.

• Refer to your lamphead manual for more safety information.

Preis: 472.14 415.48

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