ᐅ Tws Headphone Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Mini Earbuds With Mic Magnetic Charging Box Sport Headset For Smart Phone PC

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The new generation of T12 Bluetooth headset

You don’t need to ask if XXX mobile phone is available. It can be used to anymobile phone that supports Bluetoothunction regardless of brand and mode.

1. T12 Bluetooth chip upgrade:Upgrade the 5.0 Bluetooth chip, pick up the automatic boot and matching

2. Operational function upgrade:One touch to switch previous/next song &volume adjustment wake up assistant.

3 . Large capacity charging cabin : Can be used forearphone storage box Charging for earphone/ mobile phone As a mobile phone holder.

4.Enjoy 6D heavy bass : Enjoy the HIFI sceneand enioy the immersive 6D stereo surroundsound effect.

5. Strong compatibility:Regardless of the brandmobile phone and model, Bluetooth-enableddevices can use this headset.

Preis: 16.33 13.88

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