ᐅ Tronxy X5SA DIY Large model 330X330X400mm 3d-printer Impresora Ducker/Sensor/High-precision printer/Touch screen/Dual Z axis

Preis: 429.99 171.99

Troxny X5SA 24V is a 3D printer for professionals and amateurs. X5SA 24V has a large construction volume of – 330 x 330 x 400 mm

X5SA is a All-in-one 3D printer with ultra quiet

stepper drivers, direct drive extruder, dual Z axis, TFT touch screen.

● Standard Building Volume:

330 x 330 x 400mm large print size; 100mm/s max print speed. High accuracy printing quality, down to 50 microns.

● Stable Performance:

With frame design, very stable structure

● Developed Function:

Support power loss detection and recovery.

Support filament runout detection and recovery

● User-friendly matching:

110v and 220v are available, suitable for working voltage in most parts of the world.

Preis: 429.99 171.99

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