ᐅ Tronxy X5SA-2E Two-color printing DIY 3d-printer Impresora Ducker Color Touch Large Size 330X330X400MM

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Troxny X5SA-2E Dual color printing principleDouble Injection,

One NozzleIndependent single nozzle,

can achieve different colors of printing,

The dual extruders can support 2 colors of filaments printing,

edited by slicing software,

You can choose different color layering mode and dual color printing.

Dual color printingbrings a different new color experience

because the two recovery functions prevent any defects and faults caused by power outages and filament jitter.

Control process and set parameters on touch screen.

Enjoy easier and more successful 3D printing!

stepper drivers, direct drive extruder, dual Z axis, TFT touch screen.

User-friendly matching:

110v and 220v are available, suitable for working voltage in most parts of the world.

Tronxy X5SA-2E Descriptions:

Main Features

● Technical grade high printing precision ( 0.4mm diameter nozzle )

● LCD screen supported, 3.5 inch big touch screen

●Titan extruder has smoother wire output (flexible consumables can be used)

●Two-way fan design (better heat dissipation effect)

●Mainboard box wiring (save time and reduce errors)

● Automatic leveling function

● Use high speed track wheels to ensure fast print

● Power failure resume print

● Filament run out detection

● High power supply ( 360W )

● Use aluminium profile, durable and wearing-resisting

● USB and SD card supported, meet different demands

● Operating system: XP, WIN7, MAC



Brand: Tronxy

Model: X5SA-2E

Type: DIY

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm

Nozzle temperature: 170-275 Degree

Product forming size: 330 x 330 x 400mm

Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm

Memory card offline print: SD card

LCD Screen: Yes

Print speed: 20 – 100mm/s

Supporting material: ABS,HIPS,PC,PLA,PVC,TPU,PETG

Material diameter: 1.75mm

Language: Chinese,English

File format: G-code,STL

XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm

Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm

Voltage: 110V/220V

Host computer software: Cura,Repetier-Host

Packing Type: unassembled packing

System support: XP, WIN7, MAC

Current (mA): 30000mA

Connector Type: SD card,USB

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 13.0000 kg

Package weight: 15.200 kg

Package Contents

Packing Contents: 1 x Unassembled Tronxy X5SA-2E 3D Printer

Preis: 471.83 359.56

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