ᐅ Three-Ln-One Multifunctional Robot For Household Sweeping There Are Brush And Brushless Types

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1. Great clean square. This robot vacuum cleaner can clean an area of ​​up to 250 square meters.

2. Anti-collision system. It has the intelligent function of preventing collision, and the soft bumper at the front end can protect the furniture from damage.

3. Intelligent anti-drop. The inductive infrared sensor at the bottom detects a large gap, and the sensor automatically avoids obstacles and changes direction. Can’t be dropped!

4. OBS terrain detection system. The OBS terrain detection system enables the robot vacuum cleaner to identify obstacles and avoid collisions.

5. 7mm ultra-thin design. It allows this cleaner to work in narrow spaces and clean the bottom and corners of furniture.

6. 45db low noise mute 65DB low noise mute can provide you with a quiet environment, you can enjoy.

7. 2000pa powerful dust suction, easy to absorb dust, hair, paper, reduce PM2.5 pollution.

8. 10 mm climbing. It has a climbing function of 10 mm and a climbing height of 15 degrees.

9. 3 filter dust box to completely remove dust and garbage!

10. The LED indicator on the product shows the working status.

11. Charging method: manual charging

12. Suitable for cement floors, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, short-haired carpets, etc.

13. Easy to deal with various environments.


Material: ABS

Color: black, white

Charging method: USB charging

Power: 3W

Voltage: 3.7V

The main battery of the machine: Lithium-ion battery 1200 mAh (included)

Initial charging time: about 8 hours

Normal charging time: 3H

Working time: 90 minutes

Noise: less than 55dB

Charging time: about 5 hours

Clean area: 250 square meters

Note: There are two types of robot vacuum cleaners, one with brushes and one without brushes. Please make sure to confirm the order before purchasing.

Preis: 26.65 22.65

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