ᐅ Stronghero3D PLA 3D Printer Filament Silk Gold 1.75mm 1kg for Creality3D CR10 ender3 Anet A8

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Main Features

Some tips of Silk PLA Filament

1)pearlescent appearance, it is so silk that it looks like coating with a crystal clear poly,looks metallic and the color is just gorgeous,nice deep shiny look that distinguish it from regular PLA

2)The prints come out really solid color

3)Easy support removal than normal PLA .Take care if you print a raft, the gap between model should be smaller than PLA.

4)Easier than PLA to get moisture , but better than ABS ,PETG or TPU. If you have good skill slicer and 3d printer ,just ignor it ,stringing is not problem ,retraction and its speed need adjust

5)Take care some extruder to get jam, just make sure the hot end , cold end well clean off, perfefr some elastomer resistant will keep jam often but when change to normal PLA is OK then.

Preis: 20.63 11.17

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