ᐅ Stronghero3D 3D Printer Filament Rainbow PLA filament EX/VX 1.75mm Net weight1kg for CR10 Ender3 A8

Preis: 20.63 12.03

3D printer filaments pla silk Rainbow

Stronghero3D Silk rainbow, shiny surface, silk smooth, no yellow, no orange, no gold, Silk copper is the copper color.

(1) It can be used in all kinds of FDM 3D printers, director extrusion or Bowden extruder.

(2) The surface of the material has a very bright color, as smooth as silk, Layer strips invisible.

(3) PLA raw material is imported , no recycled material or reworks material, stable diameter control and no jam.

(4) It is suggested that the nozzle should be used at a temperature of 195-215 ℃. If hairy when printing, adjusted gradually by 5-10 ℃ each time. The platform can be glass, acrylic plate or PEI sheet.

(5) The cooling speed of silk materials is faster than that of ordinary PLA, so the machine can be adjusted slightly, such as the distance between raft and body, the distance between support and body, moving and cooling speed, etc.

Preis: 20.63 12.03

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