ᐅ SIMAX3D Timing Belt 5meter GT2 Timing Belt 6mm Rubber Opening 3D Printer Parts Accessories for Ender 3 CR10S Mega Artillery-X1

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SIMAX3D 5meter 2GT-6mm rubber opening belt GT2 belt GT2-6mm timing belt for 6mm belt Reprap 3D printer accessories

Product Advantage

✔️ Fit for most belt driven printers, intelligent plotter, and other devices.

✔️ Belt is rubber, fiberglass reinforced, 6mm Width Timing Synchronous Belt For 3D printer

✔️ The aluminum pulley has high quality shiny surface appearance and robust construction.

✔️ Suitable for dishwashers, packaging machinery, motorcycles, automobile, dryer, food machinery, inkjet printer, conveyor, bonders ect.

Product Specification

Rubber Opening Belt

Material: Rubber

Type: 2GT

Width: 6mm

Belt Height: 1.38mm

Tooth Height: 0.75mm

Length: 5meter

Packing List

5M GT2-6mm Timing Belt

Preis: 14.61 11.17

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