ᐅ ROYOLE Rowritten RoWrite Smart Tablet Smart Notebook Electronic Notebook Conference Record

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Main Features

Brand: Rou (ROYOLE)

Product Name: Rouyu RO-F930-A

Product gross weight: 1.5kg

Commodity origin: Mainland China

Pressure level: 2048M

Bare metal size: 27 × 19 × 7cm

Effective area: 21 × 15cm

Color: Magic Black

Weight: handwritten 387 grams, stylus 22.4 grams

Induction method: capacitive

Pressure level: 2048

Connection: BT4.2

Battery: Handwritten: 650mah

Stylus: AAAA battery

Charging interface: Micro-USB


System support: support iOS / Android

● With RoWrite, you create using the most fundamental and

natural tools, pen and paper. Everything written down is

captured on paper and digitally. Sync later with the RoWrite

app to upload your digital Pages. If you sync before you

start, every stroke is captured as you create.

● Handwriting helps you stay engaged and focused during

meetings, and studies show it boosts information retention.

equations to notes. And, since everything is captured

digitally, all your work is in one place and easily shared.

● RoWrite’s free app let’s you convert your handwriting

into typed text. When paired with RoWrite you can edit

instruments, change stroke thickness, opacity, or add up 20

colors. You can even digitally erase and capture a video of

your creation.

even after periods of inactivity. You can organize Pages

in folders, merge, export in various formats, save to the

cloud, and share using your favorite social media. RoWrit

● RoWrite’s ink pen delivers a natural and realistic pen to

and built-in pressure sensor circuitry to capture 2048

pressure points. Two A5 notepads using regular paper, and

an elegant and functional textured cloth folio are included.

sensor technology. Capacitive, transparent, and highly

is on the notepad with pin point accuracy. When combined

with the RoWrite pressure sensing pen, every stroke is

perfectly and accurately captured.

road trip, RoWrite encourages creativity, learning, and

improves productivity. It makes collaboration easy for

bloggers, artists, landscapers, architects, or any profession

wanting to quickly capture and share a thought or sketch.

Preis: 194.92 116.95

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