ᐅ Resin 3D Printers 405nm High Powered 60w Output Effect UV Light Automatic Solar Powered Display Stand Mountable Brackets and Resin Filter with Funnel

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Turntable/silicone funnel random color

This UV light and solar powered rotating display stand bundle is an all-in-one solution for post SLA print curing once your resin printer has finished the print. Freshly printed parts still have a small coating of uncured resin and are generally “soft” until they are cured by extended exposure to UV light. The display stand can be placed under the light and will rotate when the light is turned on ensuring the part is evenly cured from all angles.

The UV light is composed of 6 high powered 405nm UV LED lights that can fully cure the SLA printed part in minutes. Once cured the part will no longer have any uncured residue on the surface and will feel much smoother and cleaner to the touch. After the curing process the printed part will also be much harder and durable as well. The complimentary UV resin filter and funnel will also help reduce any mess from cleaning after the printing process.

The rotating display stand is UV powered and once placed under the UV light, it will automatically start turning and the printed model can be placed on top of the display stand. The stand can also use one AA battery to power it. The battery is not included in this package.

We also include 4 x 20cm brackets and 4 x 9.5cm brackets that can be mounted to the front of the light allowing it to stand high above the printed part and the display table can be placed underneath. These brackets allow for printed parts as tall as 16.5cm (6.5 inches) or 6cm (2.36 inches) to be placed on the rotating display and cured under the high power UV light. Use of these brackets is optional however very convenient for use with the display stand that is included in the package.

This is a 405nm UV light all-in-one curing station for resin printers. Curing prints is an essential part of the resin 3D printing process as uncured prints will feel softer to the touch and have a small coating of uncured UV resin which can be toxic and messy. Curing the prints will also render them more scratch resistant as well as reduce the amount of odor caused by uncured resin.

The rotating display stand will automatically turn when placed under the UV light. When a printed model is placed on the display stand and under the light, its 6 high-powered UV LED lights will quickly cure any remaining resin left on the model while the display stand slowly spins, ensuring that all parts of the print are cured evenly and quickly.

The rotating display stand has solar panels on all sides, allowing the UV light to automatically power the stand, eliminating the need for any batteries. A single AA battery can also power the stand for display purposes if desired. The 20cm brackets supplied in the kit allow for 6.5 inches of clearance above the rotating display stand, allowing even the tallest of UV printed models to be cured effectively.

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Preis: 28.37 25.53

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