ᐅ PTFE Tube Teflon PiPe To J-head Hotend RepRap Rostock Extruder Throat

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Made of tough, durable and flexible material, these Teflon tubes are an instant upgrade for any 3D printer setup, as the extremely low friction tubing material allows the filament to travel smoothly between the extruder and the hot end, preventing clogging and issues with under-extrusion.

Main features:

● Replace your filament tubing to enhance print quality

Teflon tube allows the filament to slide better for smoother results

● Impressive flexibility for great printing effect

● Replacing your 3D printer’s tubes takes just minutes, and can be done quickly and easily.

Parameter :

1. 2 x 3/4: use for E3D V5 / V6 1.75mm filament

2. 3 x 4: use for E3D V6 3.0mm filament

3. 4 x 6: use for E3D V5 3.0mm filament

4. Color: white

5. Material: Teflon

6. Length: 1 meter

7. Working temperature: -190 Deg.C to 280 Deg.C

8. Applicable supplies model: 1.75mm / 3mm

Preis: 2.86 1.71

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