ᐅ Original Yeelight Smart Dimmable Wall switch / Wireless Switch for Yeelight Ceiling Light Pendant Lamp Remote Control Dimmer

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Yeelight Smart Dimmer Switch (Paste Version)

Product model: YLKG08YL

[No wiring required,“wireless remote control“ ]

-Paste version: 3M glue on the back, no need to install wiring, you can control in the bed, sofa and other places.

[Built-in button battery, battery life up to 2 years]

-The low-power design is calculated for 50 times per day (including 40 presses, 10 rotations) and has a battery life of up to 2 years.

How to use: Connect the switch to the APP to remote control smart light fixture

Yeelight Smart Dimmer Switch (86 Version)

Product model: YLKG07YL

[Compatible with Yeelight smart ceiling light]

-The yeelight smart dimmer switch solves the problem that the wall switch cannot be intelligently controlled after the power is turned off.

[Yeelight SMART DIMMER SWITCH Work with]

-Yeelight Smart LED Ceiling Light, Yeelight (450/480/650mm) LED Ceiling Light, Yeelight HAOSHI Ceiling Light, Yeelight Smart LED Chandelier. There will be more product support controls in the future.

[Bluetooth remote control ]

-Yeelight smart dimmer switch, using Bluetooth remote control technology, does not directly cut off the power supply, enabling the smart ceiling light to continue online. Voice & App real-time control.

[Single fire line installation, directly replace the ordinary type]

-The 86 type wall switch can be directly replaced. Please install and debug according to the electrical code and product manual.

[With a power switch on the bottom]

-The power switch can quickly restart the device to solve the problem that the luminaire cannot be controlled due to abnormality.

How to use: Connect the cable to the switch box and connect to the Mihome APP to remote control smart light fixture

Preis: 31.81 15.38

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