ᐅ New Xiaomi 55W Wireless Charger Max Vertical air-cooled wireless charging Support Fast Charger For phone Qi Wireless Charging

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-The package does not include a charger and data cable. In order to achieve the maximum charging power of 50W, it needs to be used with a charger that supports Xiaomi’s fast charging above 65W and the corresponding data cable. If you use other chargers and data cables, a mismatch may occur, causing the wireless charging output power to drop or flashing lights.

-Not all mobile phones can use wireless charging, only mobile phones that support the QI wireless charging protocol can use wireless chargers

-Support Qi protocol, which is the global standard of wireless charging launched by WPC of wireless charging alliance. As long as the equipment supporting standard Qi protocol can use Qi charger for charging.


-55w Xiaomi vertical air-cooled wireless charger

-Efficient and safe

-Ideal viewing angle, take a look at the information, the viewing angle is just right

-Built-in silent cooling fan, put on the desk or bedside, quiet and no disturbance

-Mi 10 mobile phone, charge when put, charge 100% in 40 minutes

-6 intelligent protection mechanisms, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection, foreign body detection, electrostatic protection

Preis: 48.37 38.69

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