ᐅ Multi-function UV Sterilizer Box Cell Phone Sanitizer Disinfection Box Storage

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Product name: Multi-function mobile phone sterilizer

„Product Model: HT-190

Dimensions: 220 123 48MM

Input voltage: 5V / 1A

UV wavelength: 253.7NM

Maximum power: 3W

Product net weight: 340g

Maximum capacity: 172 93 23 „


1. Connect the machine to 5V / 1A power supply first, the display light up and voice prompt.

2. Touch the NO button to start disinfection. The disinfection lamp lights up and the voice prompts the disinfection start display. The disinfection progress and time countdown are displayed at the same time. The disinfection time is 6 minutes. After 6 minutes, the disinfection lamp goes out automatically, and the voice prompts that the disinfection is complete. The display returns to the main interface.

3. Touch the OFF button at any time during the disinfection process to end the disinfection.

Scope of application: mobile phones, headphones, jewelry,

Makeup tools, watches, keys,

And other small items that can fit in the box

product description:

1. The product adopts ultraviolet disinfection technology to effectively kill bacteria on items.

„2. After 6 minutes of disinfection, it can effectively kill coliform.

Candida albicans. Staphylococcus and other common bacteria. Effective anti-virus more than 99%. „

„3. This product has two UV anti-virus lamps, located on both sides of the disinfection box,

The bottom of the sterilization box has 4 heightening posts, which can be used to raise the item.

Letting the UV light penetrate the object effectively can effectively kill the bacteria. „

„4. UV is currently a relatively healthy and environmentally friendly sterilization method.

Used in many fields (medical, food, health, electronics, etc.)

It is very versatile. „

Multifunctional sterilizer instruction manual

1. Start touching the keys

2. Display screen

3. End touch key

4. Ultraviolet disinfection lamp

5.Power inlet


1. Please use a regular 5V / 1A charging source. Irregular power may cause the machine to malfunction.

2. Do not let children use it alone.

3. Do not open the safety cover when sterilizing the machine, to avoid damage to the eyes caused by the UV lamp.

Preis: 36.84 25.79

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