ᐅ MoesHouse ZS-EUB3-PNW Tuya ZigBee Light Switch Push Button Tuya ZigBee Hub Required Smart Remote Control Work with Alexa Google Home

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Moes Smart ZigBee Light Switch aims to bring a whole linkage to your smart house devices. A Tuya ZigBee hub is required for the smart control of all the devices, which is a must for the normal and stable work of the Zigbee light switch. Support Smart Life/Tuya App control of all connected devices, including all wifi devices. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home ensures the multiple functions in one switch. Wireless App remote control and voice control just add more tricks and enjoyment to your smart daily life, intelligently controlling your devices in an easier way. Besides, the timer setting feature allows you to preset your schedule and even repeat daily or weekly. Enjoy your smart life with MOES products.

Main Features:

● Tuya ZigBee Control: Only work with Tuya ZigBee Hub for smart control of your devices, which is based on the Zigbee control protocol. Forming a good linkage to any Tuya devices, as well as wifi devices in your smart life app.

(Note: ZigBee Hub is a must for this kind of switch, and it’s not included in the package. Need buying separately.)

● Control from Anywhere :The Smart Life/Tuya smart app helps you connect your smart switch to your home 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.

You can remotely control any light-duty electronic from anywhere you want with the App via Tuya ZigBee Hub. 

● Timer and Scheduling: Turn connected devices on and off at designated times. Schedule the Zigbee light switch to turn on in the morning or schedule your kids‘ lamp to turn off to let them know it’s bedtime.

● Hands-free Voice Control: The smart switch works with Alexa, Google Home via Tuya ZigBee Hub. Supported devices for easy voice control.

● Control with one App:

The Smart Life/Tuya smart app works with lots of smart home devices, allowing for easy control of your home from any Android or iOS device. 

Tuya ZigBee Hub Required for the whole linkage of your smart house. This smart Zigbee light switch is also with a big push button easily for physical control.


Wireless Protocol: ZigBee

Input Voltage:AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Output Voltage:AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Maximum Load: 10A

Wireless Standard: ZigBee 2.4GHz

Size: 86*86*34mm

Need to connect the live wire and neutral wire


Tuya ZigBee Hub is not included in the package

Preis: 23.41 14.7

Jetzt kaufen