ᐅ MoesHouse WS-EUB2 WiFi with RF433 Push Button Smart Switch Two Gang Remote Control Light Switch By Smart life/Tuya App Works with Alexa, Google Home

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Main Feature:

Smart App Remote Control:

Conveniently control your lights and the backlight indicator with the free mobile „Smart Life“ phone App no matter where you are. (Compatible with Android&iOS.)Also, you may easily share it with your family to control your lights together with Smart App.

Hands-Free Voice Control:

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for easy voice control when your hands are not free, providing your smart life with much more convenience.

Simple Push Button Control:

With the slightly changed appearance as a traditional switch, it’s just okay for us to simply touch control with our hands as a master switch, which fits for the old so much. Besides, a wall panel transmitter can also work with the switch after finishing the pairing to your switch as a vice switch, achieving double manual control to your switch.

Non-interfering Control Mode:

Differs in features from the traditional common switch, this smart switch is able to be controlled by various ways alone with the best value. Each controlling way is able to work independently, providing a much more convenient and comprehensive control mode to your smart home.

Timer Setting:

Take full control of your Home&Office lights intelligently with the timer feature on your App, which owns a 5+1+1 day programmable schedule to allow you to plan the exact time in advance to turn lights on or off automatically. Auto


Programmable Schedules

Hands-free Voice Control

APP Remote Control

Touch Control

Wall Panel Transmitter Control

Consulting our detailed manual, you can easily install it.

on/off feature offers you the countdown option of 1 min/5mins/30mins/1hour etc.


WiFi+RF433 Switch(Master Switch): A WiFi+RF433 smart switch that owns all smart functions for intelligently control your lights. So it is the main switch for your connected appliances, as well as a receiver for the wall panel switch because of the RF433 feature.

Wall Panel Transmitter(Vice Switch): A wall panel transmitter is a vice switch that has already been paired to the master switch to turn on/off your lights as a simple switch in another easy way, but it doesn’t own any wifi smart functions.

Preis: 21.75 13.83

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