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3 IN 1 FUNCTIONS +3 Modes – air cooler, air purifier, humidification fan with 3 speed levels and 5.6 liter water tank, which emits a cool air flow to the room. Our intuitive design makes it easy for everyone to operate this portable air conditioner. Enjoy the cool summer.

WIDE ANGLE AIR SUPPLY + CONTINUOUS – Large-area air outlet, strong wind, automatic air supply with swinging leaves, strong wind , You feel cool quickly, Suitable for various occasions, work and games or in the rest, The device can easily be put in the bedroom, the living room , the kitchen, etc. And it can move easily. At the same time, it improves the indoor air.

5.6L WATER TANK + LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION – The cooling of the fan air is achieved by the evaporation of water / ice from the 5.6 liter water tank of the device. And the energy saving level of the equipment is level one.

MULTI-ANGLE AIR SUPPLY – The fan blades can automatically rotate by 80 ° in the horizontal direction or adjust by 110 ° in the vertical direction.

SIMPLE + PORTABLE AND COMFORTABLE + QUIET + Practical mobile air conditioner – Equipped with four universal wheels on the underside. Thanks to the attached castors, the device is mobile and can be used immediately without installation work. and the 4 attached wheels make the Air Cooler very mobile.


Packaging weight: 8 kg

Packaging volume: 33.6×35.6×78.2 cm

Product size: 26×29×70cm

Packing List:

1 x AC100-18B air cooler

2 x cold packs

1 x instruction manual (DE and EN)

Preis: 98.28 68.79

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