ᐅ Mbrush Portable Mobile Color Mini Handheld Printer WIFI USB for ios Android tattoo logo wireless Bluetooth A4 inkjet printer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can this cartridge be used?

A: This printer built-in one ink, this cartridae can use maximum 3000 times, about 1 years.

Q: What type of ink cartridge does this printer work with?

A: Universal HP62

Q: How is this printer connected?

A: It support wifi usb connection, very easy.

Q: What material can he print?

A: It can works on any material, include t-shirts, glass, board, leather, paper and so on.

Q: Can it be washed?

A: Unless paper, other material can be washed.

Q: What can it print?

A: It can print anything, it is a DIY printer, you can print logo, letter, expression, pattern, anything as you want. Just need set the program in advance.

Q: What is his operating language?

A: It support multi-language, it will synchronize your phone language.

Q: How long can be ship after place order

A: This item is in stock, we ship in 2days.

Q: What phone system can be connect?

A: Support IOS and android

Preis: 340.56 170.28

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