ᐅ MaiFeng 10 x 25 Cell Phone Telescope Telephoto Lens Monocular

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Model: 10 x 25

Structure: monocular

Function type: telescope

Instrument magnification: 10 times

Objective diameter: 25mm

Exit pupil distance: 4.2mm

Exit pupil diameter: 13.5mm

Field of view: 96m / 1000m

Resolution ratio: 5.4 degree

The prism: BAK4

Brightness: 25

Glimmer coefficient: 22.36

Lens level: high transmittance and high contrast lenses

Waterproof level: level A

Focusing system: eyepiece focusing

Material: rubber armouring

Objective surface: FMC green film


Firstly use your left hand to hold the barrel of the monocular, you can see a round field of view.

Then turn the manual-wheel of the ocular lens by your right hand for adjustment of the focus length, till your eye have a clear vision.

Pay attention to the scale location under the manual-wheel of the ocular lens.

Under the common station, in the following usage only need to turn to the scale location same as the first time.

The monocular has the characteristic of rubber eyepatch that can be turndown.

The user who wears glasses can use this monocular after fold-up the eyepatch, the user who does not wear glasses can use this monocular directly.


When cleaning the lens, please do use the special cotton cloth that attached with the monocular, or other soft and clean cloth.

For removing the dirt or stain, please drop one or two drops of alcohol on the cotton cloth for cleaning.

Please keep the monocular in the ventilated and dry place.


Forbidden to clean the inner parts of the monocular or disassemble it.

Do not use the monocular to watch the sun directly for it will cause incurable injury to human eyes.

Preis: 6.2 5.15

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