ᐅ Level 7 Wind Resistance RC Drone 4K Professional HD Aerial Photography Quadcopter

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Main Features:

Folding design

The arm adopts the classic three-dimensional folding design, which feels just right. Even after thousands of folding, it can still guarantee the stability during flight. The folded aircraft allows you to easily grasp it with one hand.

High appearance and true performance

Outstanding and tall appearance, equipped with a variety of advanced hardware configurations, with better performance, so you deserve it


With excellent flight performance, 4K high-definition pixel shooting, stable fixed-point hovering system and easy control, it makes it easier for you to take every wonderful moment.

4K HD ESC Camera

120° super wide angle, support remote control angle

90° remote control angle, more flexibility

Support head-up shooting

High-definition aerial photography from the front perspective

Support top view shooting

High-definition aerial photography from a top view

Shooting system

Self-stabilization and anti-shake, 4K HD quality

1000m remote control distance

Fly high enough to see farther

Advanced 5G image transmission technology, the transmission picture is smooth and clear, and the remote control distance of 1000m is enough for you to enjoy the horizon easily.

Double positioning blessing

GPS + optical flow positioning, smooth flight indoor and outdoor

In optical flow mode, realize gesture control

Gesture photo/video

Turn on the gesture to take photos/videos, the lens is automatically recognized, and the corresponding feedback will be given after 3 seconds.

Palm control

By locking the palm of the drone camera, you can control the flight through the palm.

GPS function

A variety of smart gameplay, experience the fun of flying

3 seconds folding, compact and convenient

Level 7 strong wind resistance

More stable, support sea flight aerial photography

Brushless Motor

It is more powerful and energy-saving than carbon brush motor, and has good wind resistance and long service life

Modular battery

Using 11.1V 1800mAh high-efficiency large-capacity battery, battery life is about 23-25 ​​minutes, equipped with real-time power indicator, so you can better control the time.

Highlight LED light

Equipped with high-brightness energy-saving LED lights, so that you will still be smooth at night

Phone control

WiFi connection, more interesting functions are realized

The APP contains more rich functions, and you can also watch the photos and images taken by the drone in real time through your mobile phone, which is more comprehensive.

Headless mode

There is no need to distinguish the real-time direction, and the flight is centered on the direction of the remote control.

One-key take-off / landing / return

One-key operating system, multiple operations can be easily achieved through the remote control.

Small Parts Disclaimer:

These toys contain small parts, not for children under 3 years in case of swallowing or choking . We do not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this or any other product.

Preis: 240.46 147.04

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