ᐅ LERDGE-X 3D Printer Board 32bit for control board parts motherboard with STM32 ARM 32 Bit Mainboard tmc2208 lv8729 TMC2209

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If you already have a driver modules, you already have a 3.5-inch touch screen, you can buy Only X Board.

Tip: The Lerdge X motherboard have to match with our 3.5-inch touch screen to be used. The Lerdge X motherboards are not compatible with the touch screen of the old version of the Lerdge S motherboard.

Applicable model:

XYZ(Ultimaker、Makerbot)、Detla、CoreXY(Hbot) and CoreXZ

About the power continued to play function:

Lerdge-X motherboard comes with print pause, print save, boot continue to print function. For accidental power outage, power failure to save continued playing, shut down after printing finished functions, the additional power monitoring module is required.

About printing:

Lerdge-X motherboard supports off-line printing by default (TF card printing or USB printing). If you need online printing, an online module is needed.

About heated bed:

If want to use Lerdge-X motherboard with heated bed, the heated bed adapter module and high-power hot bed module are required.–Recommended USB and SD card is no larger than 32G.

Preis: 36.43 34.61

Jetzt kaufen