ᐅ Leehur Wired Computer Speaker 1 Pair Laptop Desktop Mini Speaker Bass Stereo HIFI 3.5MM NoteLeehur Wired Computer Speaker 2 Pair

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Product features:

※ Compatible with most system devices

Only need a USB port to charge, the speaker compatible with all 3.5mm audio interface devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc.

※ Professionally designed acoustic cavity structure

Space stereo sound design allows you to enjoy high fidelity sound

※ 360° increase to the ground

Playing music is, the bass booster constantly vibrates downwards, the low frequency sounds through the desktop, and the 360° spreads around.

※ Bass boost technology

Audio Circuit Technology + Physical Acoustic Pressure Resonance Design

Small speakers also provide amazing bass and powerful stereo

※ Powerful and amazing stereo sound

Full-range high-fidelity dual speakers,reproduce live sound

Product information:

♠ High quality wire

High-conductivity copper core wire to prevent poor contact, improve wear and corrosion resistance, and more stable

♠ Volume adjustment

Roller-controlled volume adjustment, convenient and easy to use,

3.2 x 4Ω 3W high quality horns

the sound is mellow and the sound quality is clear.

♠ Superior material

ABS injection molding material,bumping will not damage the speaker

♠ Simple design, easy to install and use

Two speakers can be placed separately 90cm,cable length 130cm


1 pair speakers


The speakers needs USB plug and AUX plug to access the computer at the same time to work, AUX connector for audio output, USB plug for power supply

Preis: 11.82 9.45

Jetzt kaufen