ᐅ LEEHUR 15W Wireless Car Charger Phone Holder Suction Cup Air Vent Phone Stand Mount Car Clip for Mobile Phone

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Main Features Features:
1. Intelligent induction charger. The most advanced coil induction principle is adopted. After the mobile phone is put on, it will be charged to generate induction current. The left and right arms automatically clamp the mobile phone through the motor.

2. Built in energy storage capacitor. In the practical scenario, your mobile phone is put on the car for charging. When you stop and turn off the car, the charger is also powered off at the same time.

3. When the car is powered off, you can easily remove the phone by touching or lightly pressing the left or right buttons.

4. intelligent touch and press buttons on two sides. You can turn it on or off by touching it with your hand, or you can turn it on or off by pressing the button inside. With gloves, you can use buttons to open.

5. Output power: 5W 7.5W 10W 15W

6. Front and back convection ventilation. Use the latest design concept, use the convection hole design to achieve physical cooling. There are air inlets behind the vehicle, and a row of invisible air outlets around the product surface.

7. Non slip rubber button slot. The left arm, the right arm and the lower bracket hook are all pasted with anti-skid silica gel, which can have effective anti falling, anti vibration, anti noise and anti-jamming effect. What’s more humanized is that the there are respectively a vertical groove on the silica gel of the left arm and the right arm, will not get stuck to the buttons of the mobile phone, and the product can adapt to more mobile phones.

8. The lower bracket is adjustable. It is suitable for mobile phones of different sizes

9. Built in mute motor, low sound, long service life.

10. The suction cup is retractable, and you can choose from multiple directions. The polyurethane glued bottom is sticky enough and can be recycled. Use PVC as suction cup. Using ABS material as joint rod.

11. The air outlet clamp is spring clamp type, which can be clamped at the air outlet, suitable for 99% of the vehicle types, and the clamp is very tight.

Input: 5.0V/2.0A 9.0V/1.8A 12.0V/2.1A
Output: 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 15W
Charging distance: 2-8mm
Conversion frequency: ≥ 73%
Charging frequency: 110-205 kHz
Executive standard: Qi wireless charging standard
Compatibility: receivers compatible with all Qi standards

1 X Wireless Charger
1 X Suction Cup
1 X Air Outlet Clip
1 X Charging Cable Specification
Car charger
Compatible Devices
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Includes Stand
USB Ports
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Preis: 26 20.8