ᐅ HEISAI 3D printer Nozzle Cleaning Kit Stainless steel nozzle cleaning tool kit

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product description

The cleaning kit includes: 1PCS 1.0/0.8/0.6/0.5/0.4/0.35/0.3/0.25/0.2/0.15 nozzle cleaning needle and 1pc tweezers.


1. Anti-static, non-magnetic curve precision tweezers. Used for nozzle maintenance and cleaning of excess consumables;

2, 1PCS 1.0/0.8/0.6/0.5/0.4/0.35/0.3/0.25/0.2/0.15 flexible stainless steel needle; ideal for gentle maintenance of nozzles and difficult to clean places;

3, convenient, safe and stylish accommodation tube; all items are safely placed together with the tube;

Product Usage

A practical kit for a wide range of applications; it removes clogging with high precision and is also suitable for general maintenance of the heat sink section.

Recommendation: Heat the nozzle to 200 degrees or more before cleaning!

Preis: 3.8

Jetzt kaufen