ᐅ HAGIBIS PB1 4K HD Mobile Game Converter for iOS Android System Support the Same Screen Function

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Main Features:

Play games on the big screen

The mobile phone is synchronized with a large screen, which has a wider field of vision, looks farther than its opponent, operates faster, and takes advantage of sniping

Keyboard and mouse operation, restore the end game experience

Connect the keyboard and mouse to play mobile games, various god operations

Bluetooth 4.2 connection, stable and efficient

Built-in keyboard and mouse converter, fast connection to mobile phone via Bluetooth, no driver, no need to change parameters, deep mapping, direct connection to official mobile games, no activation, no need to change packages, stable and safe

Automatic pressing gun, one-click precision shooting

Comes with the function of pressing the gun, no need to press the mouse, correct the shooting displacement, and feel the loneliness

The gun is not turned on | After the gun is turned on


Call out pointer with one click

Say goodbye to hand rubbing, quickly lick the bag, select materials, discard materials, switch the magnification, indicate where to play

Distinguish the position by listening to the voice and grasp every move of the enemy

Synchronization of sound and picture, any type of gunshots and footsteps on the battlefield are clear

Not only mobile games, but also real-time same screen, smooth playback

Simultaneous display of small screen and large screen, enjoy the stunning vision brought by the large screen, smooth and low latency, meet the needs of all parties of work and entertainment

4K HD projection screen, the picture is delicate and soft

Support 4K high-definition video signal transmission to ensure high-speed and stable transmission of video and image signals, and the picture is smooth without dropping frames

Charging while eating chicken

Two-in-one data fast charging, support 5V/1.5A output power, play while charging, without falling behind

Reasonable perspective, can be used as a bracket alone

The depth of the groove fits the frame of the mobile phone, and the entire silicone protection in the groove prevents the body from scratching

Silicone groove

Provide the support function for the mobile phone to protect the mobile phone from scratching


The front air outlets dissipate heat to prevent the device from being affected by high temperature

Silicone on the bottom

Grasp the table firmly and keep it slip-resistant

Product parameters:

Material: Aluminum + ABS

Output interface: HDMI, USB2.0 x 3

HDMI Resolution: 4K

Bluetooth Version: 4.2

Power port: Type-C (MAX 5V / 2A)

Preis: 84.5 51.59

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