ᐅ HAGIBIS L3B Mobile TV With The Screen Converts Android IOS Universal Support 1080P HD Video Output

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Multi-function indicator

Indicators are also „upgrade button“ soft pale blue lighting instructions, allowing you to understand the working status at a glance

Strong chip upgrade

High performance upgrade master chip cache chips + + flash memory chip, lower power consumption, higher performance, smaller heat

Smooth card chase drama is not clear

How wonderful to be stuck at the screen, wired reliable, high-definition smooth chase drama is the positive solution

HD quality

HD resolution, combined with the large screen put in sharper pictures, more details, more shocking viewing

Andrews Apple can even

Apple: Support Lighting Interface and ios9.0 or later

Android: Support USB debugging / USB network sharing

Conference presentations more efficiently

Good business office assistant, business meetings and more efficient training and teaching PPT presentation screen large screen is more convenient to vote

Big-screen learning „not to hurt the eyes.“

Let the children say goodbye to mobile phones and tablet, phone learning APP to the big screen to watch high-definition does not hurt the eyes, my mother more at ease

Richie old family joy

The end of a busy work life regression, open visual feast with their families, sharing a warm time

Plug and play simple and easy to connect

That is not even plugged in, the small screen larger screen, is so easy to put

Tightly woven wire body

Tightly woven texture, tight no difference, no bending tensile resistance winding no tie, a good line, that is not usually

Preis: 31.96 19.77

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