ᐅ HAGIBIS HAGG1201 Multifunctional Dust Removal Brush Desktop Computer Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Preis: 7.05 5.15

Main Feature:

Split double head design

Double head hidden design, two gap cleaning heads, nowhere to hide dust, highlight the difference

Soft bristles, do not hurt the keyboard

Specially selected nylon bristles with moderate softness and hardness. The three-row design arranges the pores with high strength; good elasticity, straight and tight, and less friction

Brush clean

Optimum brush material, strong decontamination, long-term use, dry and not easy to deform, longer life

Double head switch at will

The double heads can be switched according to different needs. The keyboard gap is easy to accumulate dirt. The gap cleaning head can penetrate into the gap and disintegrate the dirt

Easy to deal with various keyboards

Two kinds of pen heads, multiple uses, deeply clean every corner of the keyboard, leaving nowhere to hide dust

Convenient and labor-saving, easy to pull the key

Comes with a simple key pull button, no more effort to change the key cap, remove the key cap to clean more thoroughly

Embedded silicone handle

We don’t want to miss even the smallest details, the embedded silicone has a better touch, the product is more refined, and the cleaning is more labor-saving

Preis: 7.05 5.15

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