ᐅ H9 six finger one machine mobile game controller eat chicken artifact game controller

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1. This product is a retractable front button reversible posture game controller, which is fireproof, no delay, feels very comfortable and ergonomically designed.

2. Suitable for a variety of smartphones and various mobile games.

3. Support 4.7-6.0-inch screen and 10.5mm thick smartphone, impulsive, take pictures, no need to shield music, support mobile phones with and without holster does not affect the use.

4. The product, the fixed mobile phone is reliable, the protection of the mobile phone is very good, and the upper and lower positions and stress positions of the mobile phone have many places with EVA and silicone ointment.

5. The installation method of this product is as follows: first turn the front button, then put any one phone into the card slot, then stretch the handles on the two cards, and then put the whole phone into the handle. At the top, then release the handle, enter the move menu, set, and turn back the front button to use.

6. With a cooling fan handle, the game can prevent mobile phone fever, and it can be more smooth and lasting game.


Product model: H9

Material: environmentally friendly ABS + zinc alloy

Package weight: 150g

Note: 1 generation, 2 generations, 3 generations are all black


Due to manual measurements, please allow 1-3 cm to be different.

Due to the difference in display and lighting, the picture may not display the actual color of the item. thank you for understanding.

Preis: 14.16 10.62

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