ᐅ GuliKit Switch Dock Pocket Portable Base Station 4K HDMI Video Convertor NS05 for Nintendo Switch and Cellphone

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●Portable and Compact

This palm-sized small dock base is a perfect replacement of your original Nintendo Switch dock stand,allowing to put into pocket or sit on desk without taking much space.

●Upto 4K Output Convertion

Strong video convertor with ability of 720P, 1080P (For Switch) and 4K convertion to TV display. Extra multi-ports for USB C power input,HDMI,USB 3.0 (for game pad,audio adapter dongle…etc) and one switch button for tabletop/

TV dock mode.

●Magnetic Cover

The magnetic cover block makes it compact and elegant as a whole. Just place to auto attach to top side when you use this dock staion for Switch docking or charging.

●Full Protection

USB-C PD protocol and multiprotection technologies provide no any bricking worries to your console.Support Original Power Adapter and 5V/3A Third-Party power adapter. Air outlets for cooling and big anti-slip mat for stable sitting.

●Firmware Upgradeable

The ONLY dock holder that is upgradeable on the market with FLASH architecture technology that allows firmware upgrading to fit any Switch new systems.

●Support cellphone charging and docking

For smart phones with projection mode technology, and Type C port, GuliKit dock supports smart phones to offer video output to TV or projector.


●Part number:NS05

●Material: ABS

●Color: Black

●Ports:HDMI,USB Type C male & female ports,USB A 3.0

●Product Size: 8.5*8.5*2.5cm

●Package: 1pcs Switch dock


1.Video will auto display to TV display screen from Nintendo Switch in 2 seconds after you place Switch console on the dock.

2. You may choose table mode or TV mode by pressing the mode button on back side.

3. The dock doesn’t support most protection cases on Switch due to thickness reason,but it supports GuliKit crystal protection case for Switch.

4. Pls make sure your phone has Type C port and it has projection/computer mode if you want to use this dock with your phone for projection.

Preis: 40.33 25.71

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