ᐅ GPD Pocket 2 P2 Max 8.9 Inches Portable Mini Laptop Ultrabook Notebook UMPC Touch Screen Tablet PC

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What is the GPD P2 Max ?

GPD P2 Max is the world’s smallest Ultrabook.

It is same size as iPad mini 4, 8.9-inch 2560x 1600 resolution, 340ppi.

It is with Intel the 8th gen core processor, 8~16GB memory, 256GB~512B M.2 NVMe SSD.

It is with fingerprint-unlock supported, QWERTY keyboard, integrated touch tablet Liquid cooling tube + fan, and PC level cooling solution.

10 Advantages of P2 Max

1.With only a size of iPad mini 4 and only 650g net weight, about 50% lighter than the mainstream Ultrabook.

2. A screen of only 8.9-inches, supporting 10-point touch control and stylus input.

3. 2560*1600 (WQXGA) resolution ratio, 340ppi, retina-level screen.

4. The 8th-generation Intel core m3-8100Y processor.

5. 8GB~16GB memory, 256GB~512GB M.2 SSD.

6. Fingerprint unlock, standard „QWERTY“ keyboard layout, integrated touch tablet.

7. HD video calls in the 1600*1200 window.

8. Liquid cooling radiating pipe + fan, PC level cooling solution, with full speed and never reducing frequency.

9. It only takes 10 seconds to download a 1GB movie.

10. It can play local 1080P video continuously for 8 hours.

Why is the P2 Max a real Ultrabook?

It’s only about the size of an iPad mini 4 and weighs 650g.

The body of GPD P2 Max is small, which is only 213mm*149.5mm*5.5~14.2mm.

The thinnest part of the body is only 5.5mm, which is only the size of an iPad mini 4, but the performance is better than that of Apple MacBook!

Compared with the mainstream Ultrabook, net weight of the body of GPD P2 Max is only 650g, which is only half the weight of the mainstream Ultrabook. With UNIBODYU unibody molding process and streamlined appearance design, it looks intellectual and fashionable, and can easily fit into the iPad mini 4 Storage bag.

Preis: 1041.12 687.14

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