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projector Descriptions

Excelvan YG200Mini Multimedia Projector TF card AV USB HDMI PortableHome Theater Children’s Christmas Gift Support 1080P  

Worry about the TV may hurt your childrens eyes? Excelvan YG200 mini projector will eliminate your worries, it comes with a scientific brightness, no harm for childrens eyes, they even wont feel tired after watching videos for a long time. Combine with mini portable and cute appearance, it becomes a new star among childrens favorite toys, idealfor kids toplaying games, watching movies and animated cartoon, listening musics and learning, etc. It can also be a cool Christmas or birthday giftthat children will definitely love it!


Mini Portable Cute Appearance: 135mm*100mm*60mm in size, children can even hold it with just one hand. Cute roundedcorner design prevent children from hurt in accident. It is an ideal traveling belonging for children.

Scientific BrightnessFor Eyes:  50 lumens is the optimal brightness for kids viewing, they wont feel fatigue even watch for a long time.

Large Screen Projection: It can project 94 inch large screen at about 3m distance, the projection size varies from 21inch94inch while the projection distance varies from 0.7m-3m.

Multiple Interfaces For Connection: HDMI, USB , AV ports and TF card slot are available, you can connect it with different devices like PC, smartphone, tablet, digital camera, TV box, DVD, etc.

Amazing Effect With Long Lamp Life: 320*240 Native resolution, supports max 1080P videos playing, present you true to life image with 800:1 contrast ratio and 16.7 million displayable colors. Its lamp life over 30,000 hours, no need to changing lamp for over 10 years!


1. Dolbysound(AC3 audio format) is not supported. If it display videowithout sound, please turn off Dolby Digital in Apple TV, Blu-Ray players and Fire stick etc.

2. Please aim to the IR window when using the remote control.

3. Please use the projector in dim or dark environment forbest effect.

4. NOT recommended for PPT, word, excel or business presentation.

5. Lightning digital AV adapter is needed when connect with iPhone; MHL cable is needed when connect with Android phone, please note that the Android phone must support MHL function before connection.

6. To avoid overheating and extend its working life, we suggest you have break after 3-4 hours using.


Projection Technology


Native Resolution


Support Resolution

1920*1080(Full HD 1080P)


50 lumens

Contrast Ratio


Aspect Ratio

4:3 &16:9 

Displayable Colors

Full Colors(16.7 million)


Manual Focus

Best Projection Size

24inch 60inch

BestProjection Distance


Throw Ratio



LED Lamp

Lamp Life

30,000 Hours


1 x HDMI,1 x AV,1 x USB,1 x TF Card

Projection Modes

Front, Rear, Ceiling

OSD Language

Chinese, English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic,etc (23 languages)

Support Formats




Text: TXT

Power Voltage


Mobile Power


Power Consumption


Product Size


Product Weight


ProjectionDistance &Size:

Projection Distance(m)

Projection Size(inch)











Package Contents

1 x Excelvan YG200Projector 

1 x 3 In 1 AV cable 

1 x Remote Control 

1 x Power Adapter

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

Excelvan YG200 projector

FAQ for projector

  • How to adjust the brightness of your projector and how much projector brightness do you need?

  • How to use projectors in a cool and creative way?

  • How to connect your mac to a projector?

    You can connect your mac to a projector in 5 steps:
    1.Turn on your Mac.
    2.Plug in the projector to an electrical wall outlet socket and turn it ON.
    3.Connect the video cable (usually VGA or HDMI) of the projector to the Mac.
    4.Once the Mac and projector are connected, click on the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your screen.
    5.Select the Displays icon.
    For more details please refer to this post:

    How to connect your Mac to a projector?

  • How to use my old phone as a photo projector?

  • Why the screen turns blue when connected to PS3?

    The reason for this situation should be that the resolution is not supported or the PS3 output interface is not set up. Guests are invited to connect PS3 to other monitors such as televisions with AV cable, manually set the PS3 output interface to the lowest HDMI, resolution, then connect HDMI to the product, and then gradually lower the resolution if there is a picture in the projector.

    Note: only HDMI interfaces can be connected to game consoles such as PS3, but if the resolution of our projector is not 720p, customers are not recommended to do so, because playing games requires high picture quality and is difficult to meet the needs of customers. Please pay attention to the recommendation.

  • Using HDMI cable to connect dvd player does not work. Can be displayed with PC and xbox, what is the cause of this?

    The function of the product itself should be normal. It is recommended that guests connect DVD with other monitors with HDMI interface to see if the output can be normal and eliminate the problem of DVD itself

  • Why I got Blurred picture?

    (1) Adjust the definition of the picture by manually rotating the lens to adjust the focal length;

    (2) It is necessary to keep a certain distance between the projector and the screen, which generally requires about 1.5 meters (about 1.5 meters for small machines and 2 meters more than the big ones).

    (3) Make sure the signal source is a high-definition film source.

    (4) If connected to the computer, please adjust the resolution of the computer’s monitor to the same resolution as the projector.

  • Cannot play normally when connecting HDMI, AV, VGA and other APIs?

    (1) when using different interfaces, customers first need to select the corresponding signal channel through the „input“ key on the remote control or projector, and then select and play it.

    (2) if the AV connection is used, it is necessary to use the three-in-one AV line of the projector to dock with the three-in-one AV line of DVD and other equipment;

    (3) if it is connected to the VGA interface and the corresponding signal channel is set up, there is still no response, please tell us the brand and system of his computer. Different brands and different systems have different methods of setting computer function keys.

    (4) if it is WIN7, just press „Microsoft logo + P key“ to select copy. If it’s a XP system. Need to confirm with the customer what brand it is, switch FN+F.

  • Can I connect to TV to watch TV programs?

    The projector itself is a signal input device, and the TV is also a signal input device. So the projector cannot be directly connected to the TV. If the projector is an analog ATV interface, it is recommended to answer: all of our projectors have an ATV (Analog TV) interface. You can directly plug the CCTV antenna in their home into this interface, and then set the input source to search for TV channels.

  • Why my projector come up with picture but no sound?

    Our projector does not support Dolby format, check your source audio and make sure it’s not in Dolby format

  • The projector’s remote is not working correctly, what can i do?

    Replace the remote’s batteries if necessary and
    make sure that you’re using it within its standard operating range (around 8 meters).

  • Why there is no sound coming from projector?

    Make sure that the audio hasn’t accidentally been muted by pressing the mute button, and if that doesn’t solve the problem then try turning up the volume. This problem can also possibly be solved by checking your audio input connection and adjusting your audio source.

  • The image being displayed by my projector is out of focus, how to solve it?

    Turn the projection lens until the image comes into focus and ensure that the projection screen is at least 1.2 meters from the projector. If these two steps don’t work then check your projection lens to see if it needs cleaning.

  • Only the projector’s start-up screen is displayed, what can i do?

    Check that all your cables are connected correctly and verify that the proper input source is set on your projector. Once you’ve done this, you may need to turn off everything and power up your equipment in the following order: projector, computer monitor, computer.

  • The projected image is too bright, how to fix it?

    You can run the projector lamp in „eco“ mode. This mode is available in the projector settings and will run the lamp at a reduced brightness, this also extends the lifespan of the lamp.

  • Why the projected image is dim?

    Ensure there are no bright sources of light shining onto the Activboard. Projector lamps degrade over time, and may gradually dim. The lamp may be due for replacement.

  • Why the projected image appears to be a distorted shape?

    Press the keystone button on your remote control and use the arrow keys to reshape the image.

  • Why the projector isn’t displaying the entire computer screen?

    Ensure the computer is running in a suitable resolution for the projector.

  • The projected image is too big or too small, how to fix it?

    Fixed distance projectors can only resize the image by moving the projector forward or backwards on the projector mounting.

  • The projector displays the message „No Signal‘, what is the problem?

    1. Check that the computer video cable is connected to both the computer and the projector, or any other video termination points along the cable path.

    2. Ensure the computer is in mirror / clone display mode.

    3. Press the „Computer“ or „Input“ button on the projector remote control to toggle to the correct input mode.

    4. Try another computer.

  • Why the image appears to be tinged yellow or purple, or appears „blotchy“?

    Try using another computer video cable, the projector may need cleaning.

  • How to fix no signal during the HDMI connection of XGIMI projector?

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