ᐅ EAGET CU20 Type-C / USB3.1 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Computer Flash Drive Mini Flash Drive Memory Stick

Preis: 17.92 10.83

Main Features:

Expansion in one second / easy to follow the drama

No need to distinguish between front and back, easy and quick to use.

One disk is multi-purpose, can be used for MAC / PC computer terminal, TYPE-C interface new equipment.

Type-C 3.1 interface / efficient transmission

Efficiently save file transfer time and greatly improve work efficiency.

Small enough to have no friends / strong performance

The frosting process has a delicate touch, and can be seen

Easy expansion / joyful sharing

Plug and play, instantly expand the device capacity and easily solve the problem of insufficient memory.

Easy to switch / portable

Intimately designed 360° steel ring hook, you can carry it anytime, anywhere.

Safe and waterproof / strong shock resistance

Passed the national 10-meter free-fall test

Using domestic UDP technology, it is safe, waterproof and shockproof. It can be taken out and dried immediately after accidentally falling into the water.

Back up at any time / easily share

One-click backup, simple and convenient

Plug and play / stable and compatible

Support various application formats such as music / photo / video / office files

Extensive compatibility, not only for TYPE-C interface devices, but also supports Apple’s new version of MacBook and WINDOWS devices, and is compatible with USB devices such as cars, HD players and TVs.

Preis: 17.92 10.83

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