ᐅ Dual Ring Photographic Fill Light + Phone Holder + Triangle Bracket + 120 Degree Rotating Mirror for Video Recording Shooting Makeup Selfie

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Main Features:

● The dual LED halo lights are designed with a brand-new concept on the left and right. The halo gently adds light from both sides, and the two halo lights are designed to adjust any angle, which is very convenient for photography, makeup, concerts and Youtube .

Compared with the previous desk lamps, the troubles of dazzling eyes and inability to adjust the angle of the halo are all solved!

● High brightness 120 desk lamps

The 11.5cm diameter LED halo lamp uses energy-saving and high-brightness 120 LED beads to emit a uniform and stable light output. Instead of replacing the bulb, aluminum alloy is used instead of plastic, which is more durable. The 3 modules have 6 Each level of lighting (color temperature adjustment) and brightness adjustment can be used in different places according to the environment and scene.

● Adjustable angle with hose and mirror

The hose of the LED self-timer lamp can be bent freely, and the angle of the two ring lights can be adjusted freely. At the same time, it can be used at will. A mirror is also provided to find the right angle to illuminate the beauty and objects. Simply take a picture and live broadcast . Due to its compact design, it is convenient for all kinds of photography.

● USB powered and easy to operate

The LED halo does not require a battery, and can be used with many devices that support USB ports such as notebook computers, mobile batteries, USB chargers, AC adapters, etc. It is very convenient, simple to operate, convenient for power supply, and can be used at home or outdoors. Kind of activity.

● Small and multi-purpose

The table lamp can make the skin bright, beautiful skin, and make the eyes shine. This LED lamp can be active in various scenes such as webcast, video call, selfie, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, movie appreciation and so on. Can be folded, lightweight tripod.

Preis: 38.88 25.79

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