ᐅ Dotbit Mk2.5/Mk3 To Mk2.5S/Mk3S Latest 3D Ir Filament Sensor Upgrade Detect Stuck Filament Sensor For Prusa I3 Mk3 3D Printer Parts

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Main Features dvantages of the new upgraded version

Previous sensors cannot be used with certain filaments. New sensors are using triggered optical sensors

Through a simple mechanical lever. The sensor does not care about the optical properties of the filament (it may be completely invisible) and will not die due to mechanical wear.

Infrared sensor assembly

1. Place the infrared sensor on top of the main body of the extruder and fix it with M2x8.

2. Tighten the M2x8 screws, the sensor should not be able to move, but please note that the PCB cannot be destroyed;)

3. When connecting the cables, please pay attention to the correct orientation of the connectors and wires.

4. As shown in the figure, leave a slack space behind the sensor. Do not create a loop that is too large, as it may interfere with the frame. If necessary, the length can be adjusted by gently pulling/pushing the cable.

Packing list: filament sensor (including wire)
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Preis: 7.25 5.44