ᐅ Dotbit Creality Creality 3D CR-10/10S Ultra-Flexible Removable Magnetic Build Surface 3D Printer Heated Bed Cover 12×12 Inches

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Pure black 310x 310mm magnetic sticker with handle hot bedApplicable models

CR-10 CR-10S

Product Features

Weight: 450g

3D printer hot bed platform: can be installed on heating bed and glass platform, suitable for Ender 2/3, etc.

2-in-1 construction board: A board has flexibility and magnetic properties, and it is easy to remove from the construction platform and take away the printed model. B board is adhered to the construction surface with 3M adhesive.

Please note: The sheet is magnetic and the temperature (recommended from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius) should not exceed 80 degrees. So it is not suitable for ABS. If it is heated above 80 degrees, its magnetic properties will become weak.

Size: 310*310mm

product description


Reuse, easy to remove;

Separate bending takes the model. It is more convenient.

The beauty of paper and scraper is not needed to assist the model.

Printing does not distort the edges. No glue is required.

Can be printed on a cold bed.


Please level the bottom plate before printing.

Please do not let the heating nozzle directly contact the A panel!

Our company has production capacity and supports mass customization (packaging and labeling). For more detailed information, please contact our customer service.

If you have any questions about the purchase, please contact us directly to provide efficient and convenient customer service.

Preis: 7.73 6.96

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