ᐅ Dotbit 5Pcs 3D Printer Sticker 214x214x0.5Mm Heating Table Building Surface Sticker With 3M Adhesive For Wanhao I3 Anet A8 A6

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214*214mm pure black sticker

214*214mm red sticker with label

214*214mm blue label sticker

The surface is frosted and can be reused. Please paste it on a good hot bed first.

Can be connected to PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, TPE wearing parts, nylon, PC, RETT materials

The magnetic construction platform is divided into two parts: the top surface of part A is a matte surface; the other part is a matte surface. The adhesive in Part B will stick to your original bed.

Easily remove 3D printed parts: The magnetic build platform allows you to remove printed parts from the build board in seconds.

Working temperature: can be heated to below 80 ℃. Otherwise it will seriously affect the stability of the work.

Compatible with PLA, wood, PCL and TPU flexible filaments (sold separately)

Size: 214*214*0.5mm

Our company has production capacity and supports mass customization (packaging and labeling). For more detailed information, please contact our customer service.

If you have any questions about the purchase, please contact us directly for efficient and easy customer service.

Preis: 15.56 7.78

Jetzt kaufen