ᐅ CUBOT X20 Pro 6.3 inch 4G Smartphone with 6GB RAM 128GB ROM AI Triple Camera Android 9.0 4000mAh Battery

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  • What’s Android 9.0 No Advertising system?

    The X20 Pro system has no advertisement, the operation is simpler, more intimate, the interface is concise and clean, avoids the annoying advertisement influence experience, the fluency is high;

  • What is the concept of octa-core CPU?

    CPU is used to complete all the calculations, accept / store commands, process data, etc., is the core of digital processing. The higher the number of cores, the stronger the processing power and the faster the speed of the mobile phone. Can improve the switching time, Internet speed, game loading speed and so on;

  • What’s the performance of mobile phone P60 chip?

    P60 chip is a 12nm chip, the smaller the process, the more can reduce the resistance between transistors, so as to reduce the power consumption of mobile phones, reduce heat, and improve the performance of mobile phones. Compared with P23 chip, the power consumption is reduced by 23% and the performance is improved by 70%.

  • What does running memory mean?

    The equivalent of a memory bar in a computer that can run multiple applications at the same time without stutter. The larger the memory, the faster / smooth the running speed;

  • What determines the performance of mobile phones?

    The performance of mobile phone is determined by CPU+ chip + running memory, which can run multiple APP without stutter at the same time. Smooth running large-scale games and playing music video, browsing web pages refresh quickly, browsing pictures without residual shadow, running large-scale games at the same time the mobile phone is not easy to heat up, more durable, video playback high-definition decoding speed and so on;

  • What does AI three camera refer to?

    12MP + 20MP + 8MP high pixel three cameras, the higher the pixel, the clearer the picture displayed on the phone. AI refers to a series of AI applications including 16 kinds of AI scene recognition, super night scene, beauty video and so on.

  • How big is the screen and what is the resolution?

    The FHD, screen with 6.3inch accounts for 92.5%; resolution refers to the precision of the screen image, and the more pixels the display can display, the finer the picture. The X20 Pro has a resolution of 2340 to 1080p and a 1080p high definition screen.

  • What is the thickness of the mobile phone?

    This mobile phone uses ultra-thin design, the thickness is only 0.81MM;

  • What is the battery capacity of mobile phone?

    The phone has a battery capacity of 4000mAh and a battery life of 347 hours of standby time / 106 hours of music time / 28 hours of phone service / 8.7 hours of 1080p HD movie playback.

  • What is the IMEI number of this device?

    We cannot provide IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) numbers because each cell phone will be given a unique set of numbers after its assembly, We can’t open the packaging. You can check the smartphone IMEI easily: How to reveal your IMEI number EASILY

  • Will this phone work in my country?

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  • What should I pay attention to before buying a mobile phone?

    Screen size, OS, storage, CPU&GPU, camera, network connection, additional features, and so on.

    The detail tips you can read this post:

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  • What is the SAR value of the phone?

    We have listed the SAR value of some cell phones, you can check radiation level of the phone from Xiaomi, Ulefone, Elephone, OnePlus, Lenovo, ASUS, Vernee, etc. Click here for more details:

  • Why do 16GB phones only have 12GB storage available?

  • How to use smartphone as a mouse, touchpad or keyboard?

    No matter Android or Apple iphone, you can control your PC in the distance up to 15 meters just by your smartphone, it is really amazing. Check this for more: Use your smartphone as a mouse, touchpad or keyboard

  • How to saving battery life and keep cache cleaning?

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  • How can mobile phones without OTG function turn on OTG function?

  • How to charge the phone’s battery in the right way?

  • Why I cannot hear any sound when making or receiving a call?

    1. Make sure the protective film has been removed completely;

    2. Try to turn up the volume of the handset;

    3. Try to change mobile signal in your area might be poor;

    4. If you cannot hear the voice of the receiver, it might be the problem of the receiver’s phone or signal.

  • How to revive any dead phone battery?

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  • How to to remove phone scratches?

  • Can this item be shipped to my country?

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