ᐅ CTC 3D Printer Dual Extruder + Dual nozzle Two Color Printing 3d Printer High precision and fast printing

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Product description:

Dual extruder toys making 3D printer

Practical model: MakerBot Replicator 2 , Dual extruder

Control of layer thickness: 0.1-0.5mm

Print Speed: 40mm/s

Print Size: 225x 145 ×150 mm

Equipment Size: 467×320×381 mm

Packing Size: 565*430*535 mm

Diameter of print head: 0.4 mm

operation speed: Extrusion nozzle flow is about 24cc/hour Motion shaft speed: 30mm/s-100mm/s (Recommended nozzle moving speed: 35-40 mm/s)

Working Temp.: Normal 120°C Max.260°C

Weight with box: 12KG

Output Port: USB 2.0

Material: ABS, PLA. 1.75mm

Power Input: 220V or 110V

Drawing software: Rhino3D,Proe,3dMax,CAD,UG,Soliwork , etc

software for use: ReplicatorG python-2.65.msi

Instructions for use:

Frist step: Install two software 1. ReplicatorG-0037 2. python-2.65.ms i ( we will provided )

Second step : 3D design -> STL Forma

Third step : Open ReplicatorG-0037 -> G-code generation ( STL format -> G-code)-> ptint

Note: the product will be updated at any time. A small number of accessories may not match the picture

on the description. Please give priority to the ten actual items received. If you mind, please do not


Preis: 355.89 232.58

Jetzt kaufen