ᐅ COOLCOLD Vacuum Portable Laptop Cooler USB Air CPU Cooler External Extracting Notebook Cooling Fan for 15 / 15.6 / 17 inch Laptop

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This product is tailor-made for gamers. It uses a high-speed motor, a high-strength anti-skid device, a game lineage appearance, a submarine version of the sealing device, and a variety of wind guides. The intimate design allows you to play Wishful sway in the world.

Main Features:

TOP game cooling tool

The appearance design is bold and impactful. The game elements bring the ghost and magical mood to the game fighters. The super heat dissipation efficiency ensures that you are invincible and the more you fight

Intelligent temperature control

Innovative intelligent temperature control sensor of the third generation. When the notebook temperature reaches 40 degrees, the fan automatically runs at high speed. When the temperature is lower than 40 degrees, the fan stops.

Manual mode

In manual mode, you can manually adjust the knob to control the fan speed, stepless speed regulation, not comparable to several speeds.

Ultra-high-speed motor, measured drop by 20-30 degrees

The use of high-speed and high-power cooling fans can operate effectively for a long time at high power, and will not affect the life of the turbofan due to the inhaled dust. It has the advantages of ultra-quiet, high speed, strong wind, etc.

Submarine-class sealing technology

Precision manufacturing, low-carbon environmental protection, high-density materials, submarine-level high-quality craftsmanship.

High-strength non-slip mat

The anti-slip coefficient is super strong, and the two sides have anti-slip effect, which is firm, simple and intimate.

Various ice magic game carving elements

With a cool concept, tailor-made, vivid engraving, personality flying.

High-gloss mirror treatment process

The product texture is upgraded again, and the visual effect is more impactful. It is different from the outdated appearance image on the market, so I choose it.


Product material: plastic + metal

Fan speed: 1500-3000±10% RPM

Product air volume: 75.35CFM

Rated voltage: DC5V network version

Rated current: 0.35±10%A

Input power: 1.75

Preis: 11.34 7.78

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