ᐅ AMPCOM Telephone Adapter RJ11 Classic 6 Pins Female Telephone Phone Cable Line Splitter Converter

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Main Features


•As a phone jack splitter, it converts a single phone jack to multiple phone jacks.

• You are able to plug this into an existing wall jack then, plug multiple device to telephone jack Splitter 3/4 lines, like an answering machine, fax, and speaker phone etc.

Clear Sound Quality

•Under the external liaison office environment, phosphor bronze as conductor can provide better call quality.

ABS Material Case

•Enclosed insulation design, select ABS environment protection shell, anti-collision and impact resistance.

Stable · No Noise

•Using circuit board design to ensure voice signal undistorted and stable transmission during external call process.

Phosphor Bronze Needle

•High quality phosphor bronze needles have anti-oxidation/ anti-interference properties to ensure stable transmission of voice signals.

Stable Voice Transmission

•Suitable for 6P4C/ 6P2C telephone crystal head plug, provide a full range of matching materials high quality call.

Small Body · Big Effect

One to three/ one to four functions can be extended to multiple telephone or RJ11 jack voice devices.


Preis: 1.71

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