ᐅ Aluminum Alloy Retractable Rotating Notebook Bracket Laptop Stand Holder

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Main Features:

Ergonomic design

A new experience of healthy office

New upgrade, aluminum alloy bracket

All aluminum alloy structure, firmly fixed and not slipping

Multiple openings at the bottom to ease heat dissipation

Smooth office work with aluminum alloy thermal conductivity

Fixed notebook not shifting

The bottom cushion increases friction and does not shake

TPU support pad is firmly positioned without bumps

Anti-slip stickers on the base prevent the bracket from shifting and sliding

Stepless height adjustment

Free adjustment is not restricted

Adjustable up to 21CM

Adjustable down to 17.5CM

360° rotatable angle

Open a new office posture

Dual screen interaction

A wide range of use environments meet the needs of all kinds of people

Silent shaft spring

Increase damping to slow down falling and prevent fingers from pinching

Strictly selected high-quality aluminum alloy materials

Wear-resistant and not easy to scratch, light and easy to dissipate

Widely applicable to 11-17 inch notebooks

Close fit, right size

Preis: 65.91 51.89

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