ᐅ Alfawise U20 Mix 4.3 inch Full Color Touch Screen Control Power-on Self-Test Troubleshooting with WiFi APP Control Function Two-in and One-out FDM 3D Printer

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Main Features:

● Power On Self Test (POST): boot heating printer nozzle, a heating platform, three XYZ directions normal operation is detected (function can be manually turned on and off)

● 4.3-inch full-color touch screen, user-friendly UI design, each design upper right corner of the „Help“ function of each icon prompts the user interface. (User experience optimization)

● Print the complete automatic shutdown: When the printer is finished printing the file, the printer automatically shut down to conserve energy. (Function can be manually turned on and off)

● A key to open the front, off button, users experience more.

The power saving mode: the printer in an inoperative state, i.e. without any operation, the device may automatically shut down to conserve energy. (Options are divided into: 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, turn off this feature)

● The fault diagnosis function: Interface failure diagnosis function may be used: if the printer diagnostic X motor, limit switches X, Y motors, Y limit switches, Z motor, Z limit switches, motor normal head.

● FAQ: FAQ interface capabilities to help users quickly perform equipment maintenance

● Quick into the wire: Set PLA / ABS / TPU / high temperature supplies four options into the wire, the wire feed nozzle in accordance with the user can quickly supplies.

● WIFI function: equipped with the latest version of the APP can achieve print complete micro letter (domestic) Facebook (foreign) push messaging.

● The print monitoring may be provided for the user to buy the camera module


1. The two extruder, a nozzle, to achieve color printing

2. Double Z screw to ensure stable operation

3. Self-leveling

4. Detachable heating stage

5. TMC2208 mute chip

6. Large size 300x300x400mm

7. Slice activity model software can be divided, arbitrarily selected parts of the model print heads, WYSIWYG.


TPU is 95A TPU

Print Nylon Recommendation 100x100mm look at the open environment, the need glue-coated high temperature, increased viscosity (usually high temperature material pc / Nylon, polymaker effect will be better point)

Preis: 545.7 378.39

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